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Rubber Floor Mats
Protect your garage floor
Put a MATS FOR SPLATS under your lawnmower to protect your garage floor
Put a MATS FOR SPLATS under your car to protect your garage floor
Put a MATS FOR SPLATS under your car to protect your garage floor
Put a MATS FOR SPLATS under your car to protect your garage floor
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Rubber Garage Floor Mats
Floor Mats
Rubber Garage Floor Mats
Mats For Splats Specs
  • Made of durable EPDM rubber.
  • Protects garage floor from salt, slush, snow and sand.
  • Keeps fluids contained so as not to damage items stored on your garage floor.
  • Has a resiliant containment edge that will immediately return to its original state after being driven on.
  • Fits simply under vehicle to catch the slush and melting snow that accumulates from your tires and under carriages.
  • Constructed to contain 100+ gallons of fluid and debris.
  • Eliminates tracking of road chemical residue into your home.
  • MATS FOR SPLATS can also aid as a barrier and help eliminate the transfer of moisture to your tires and rotors when vehicle is being stored on a cement floor that sweats.
  • You can choose to utilize the mat year round or simply hose off the winter salt and debris and roll it up into a 20"x20"x20" compact package for off season storage.
  • MATS FOR SPLATS stays in place if you choose to wet vac instead of brooming it out.
8' X 18' Fits most cars and SUV's
.45 8' X 18' 62 lbs. $299.00 plus shipping
(heavy duty)
8' X 18' 82 lbs. $350.00 plus shipping

Extended cab pickup with 8' bed requires a 8'x21' mat
.45 8' X 21' 69 lbs $365.00 plus shipping
(heavy duty)
8' X 21' 92 lbs $450.00 plus shipping

Shipping rates apply in Continental United States only.
Rubber Garage Floor Mats
Garage Floor Mats
Rubber Mat Car Floor Protector
"I am extremely satisfied with this product. Living in the Northland, we have the pleasure of experiencing a variety of climate changes. MATS FOR SPLATS has been VERY effective in keeping my garage floor clean and dry!!"
Don C. - Bigfork, Minnesota
"I'm amazed at the capacity of fluid that MATS FOR SPLATS can hold. I'm on the road a lot and don't have the time or ambition to broom it out every week or two. I've been able to go several weeks and broom the mat out at my convenience.
I love it!"
On the Road Again
Hibbing, Minnesota

"To all the women out there... MATS FOR SPLATS is the answer to my prayers. No more nagging from my wife, no more tracking of sand, slush or mud into the house from the garage, no more water on my newly painted garage floor. MATS FOR SPLATS is terrific, and is "Our family's" new best friend!"
Len P.
Denver, Colorado

"We live in Northern Minnesota and have an attached garage. We have been looking for a solution to the problem of a wet and slushy garage floor. In the past... I have purchased vinyl mats which are no comparison to the heavy duty rubber MATS FOR SPLATS. In my opinion, this mat is the Cadillac of car mats made! Easy to wet vac, easy to store. I would recommend MATS FOR SPLATS above all the other garage floor protectors on the market."
John & Kathy
Grand Rapids, Minnesota
Rubber Mat Car Floor Protector
MATS FOR SPLATS Rubber Floor Mats