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Rubber Floor Mats
Rubber floor mats for your car Our customers love our rubber floor mats
"I am extremely satisfied with this product. Living in the Northland, we have experienced a variety of climate changes. MATS FOR SPLATS has been VERY effective in keeping my garage floor clean and dry!!" Don - Bigfork, Minnesota

"We live in Northern Minnesota and have an attached garage. We have been looking for a solution to the problem of a wet and slushy garage floor. In the past... I have purchased vinyl mats which are no comparison to the heavy duty rubber MATS FOR SPLATS. This mat is the Cadillac of car mats! Easy to wet vac, easy to store. I would recommend MATS FOR SPLATS above all the other rubber floor mats." John & Kathy, Grand Rapids, MN
Garage rubber floor mats
Rubber Floor Mats
Rubber Garage Floor Mats
Mats for Splats
Prices for Rubber Floor Mats

Standard size – Fits most cars and SUV's
.045 7' 10" X 18' 53 lbs. $425 plus S/H
.045 7' 10" X 21' 72 lbs $495 plus S/H

No extra charge for custom sizes under 8X18. Call for custom sizing.
Shipping rates apply in continental United States only.

Floor Mats Ordering Rubber Floor Mats
  • 1 year warranty.
  • If a desired custom size mat is smaller than standard size, there is no extra charge.
  • Please allow 7-10 business days for delivery in US.
  • We ship worldwide via UPS.
  • Please call or email before placing an international order to determine freight charges.
  • Note: Gray rubber tone may vary.
  • 14-day return policy: Mats must be unused. Customer is responsible for all return shipping fees. Receipt required.
Disclaimer: Mats for Splats is not responsible for any claims or injuries, due to tripping or slipping. Warranty void if damaged from storage.
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